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Open to Queries!

Next week is a big week for me. I will be officially open to queries. With this step I am inducted into the exciting world of literary agenting; a world filled with outstanding, intelligent, thoughtful book lovers. I will be in excellent company and I am very excited.

I am still awaiting confirmation of my Manuscript Wish List page but in the meantime I can tell you I am looking for books, fiction and non-fiction, that take the reader on a journey into the natural world. What does the modern human relationship with nature look like? How does it differ in different cultures? I want the next population science non-fiction stunner that reads like an adventure novel or a family drama. I want human stories, fictional or otherwise, that have themes of nature and science that look at all aspects of life. I am partial to smart literary fiction but also love a good fast paced book-club-marketable story.

With that I leave you with an excellent article in the Guardian this week by Rebecca Solnit:

Bring me your stories about climate change!


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Madeleine Dale
Madeleine Dale
Jun 05

I noticed you have opened for submissions but the link to Query Tracker still opens a page that says closed to submissions.Will the site be activated soon, or is there another platform that will accept queries?

Thank you - Madeleine

Madeleine Dale
Madeleine Dale
3 days ago
Replying to

Sorry to be a pest but you are my first choice and when I checked today (June 12) your Query Manager is still closed to submissions. Am I missing something?

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